Innovation is much more than invention; it is invention turned into practice.

At Tapestry Technologies, we focus on integrating the latest innovations across industry to satisfy federal and DoD requirements in new, efficient, and secure ways. Just as a tapestry is a combination of fabrics woven together to produce a design, Tapestry Technologies weaves together the latest technical innovations from across multiple industries and disciplines in designs that solve complex challenges. Tapestry has developed and delivered numerous innovative customer solutions that span multiple technological areas—from security policy development to cloud architecture design.

Tapestry’s leadership understands that to offer solutions that meet our technology and innovative objectives, we must make investments to stay at the forefront of technology trends. A key component of our ability to develop new solutions is our Cyber Defense Lab, which was established for internal and external research and development (R&D). The lab provides our engineers with access to leading-edge technology so they can better engineer the innovative solutions our customers expect. The Cyber Defense Lab, which is also available for business partner and customer use, includes many of the latest cybersecurity tools as well as mock-ups of the DoD environment where we can test various solutions in “real-world” scenarios.

At Tapestry, we want our reputation, past performance, and deliverables to be a product of our in-depth technical knowledge and expertise, our ability to engineer smart and innovative solutions, and our persistence in leading changes and promoting new technologies. We want to continue to be recognized for bringing disruptive technologies to our customers, for truly turning innovation into practice, and for our ability to weave commercial solutions together to address complex federal and DoD requirements..