tt13_icon_cyberintegrationTapestry Technologies understands the need to constantly be evolving computing infrastructures to do more with less expense. We hire top-notch personnel who are geared toward solving difficult engineering problems and have experience with enterprise architectures, IT strategic planning, and lifecycle support.

We approach each IT engineering task with a thorough requirements analysis and a focus on quality, efficiency, functionality and security. We design enterprise architectures to include the software, hardware and communications to support the current requirements as well as future cross-functional requirements and interfaces.

As Tapestry develops new architectures or plans for hardware and software upgrades to existing environments, we use our research and development lab to evaluate new products and test functionality in our simulation of the customer’s environment. This enables us to identify and mitigate problems before impacting live users.

Tapestry currently supports DoD in developing strategies for data center design and evolution, large-scale deployment of enterprise systems such as DoD Enterprise Email and Defense Enterprise Portal Systems, the use of cloud technologies, and the approach to big data issues. As technology advances, we are committed to providing training for our employees so they can remain knowledgeable in the most current technologies.