Tapestry Technologies’ origins began from the mindset that employees tend to thrive and succeed in a small business environment due to more personal associations with company leadership.

Since the company was started, Tapestry founders wanted to combine the small business corporate approach with problem solving capabilities typically reserved for large business. Our corporate paradigm brings the benefit of:

  • A personalized approach to dealing with employees and their issues.
  • Management understanding of the operational tempo, resulting in proper workload balancing.
  • True expertise in the area of the work being performed, resulting in the ability to best match skill sets to tasks.

We offer a competitive benefits package including comprehensive health insurance, $2,500 annual training allowance, reimbursement of required annual certification fees, 401(k) matching, life insurance, Long Term Disability and bonuses.

The company also conducts employee morale events. These include annual family outings to baseball games or similar events, an annual Christmas party for the employees and their guest, and monthly employee lunches where we can all get together and share news and provide the opportunity for new employees to meet their co-workers. We provide appreciation awards for years of service and holiday bonuses not tied to performance.