As the company grows, Tapestry will continue its strong focus on the cyber realm and delivering quality personnel and innovative solutions.

Tapestry Technologies is a woman-owned small business that was founded in 2006. Prior to establishing tapestry, the founders of the company supported the DoD and DISA community for more than 20 years. We have been part of major initiatives that have changed how the DoD handles cyber defense. Through the years, as DISA has developed the Security Technical Implementation Guides  (STIGs), Vulnerability Management System (VMS), DISA Gold Disk, Security Requirements Guide (SRGs), Continuous Monitoring and Risk Scoring (CMRS), Digital Policy Management System (DPMS), and participated in the joint efforts with NIST, NSA, and the technical community to integrate the Security Content Automation Protocol (SCAP) into the cyber defense efforts, we have been there. Jacquie Sipes, Jim Govekar, and Cindy Whitmer, Tapestry’s founders, have always focused on bringing the customer strong leadership, quality employees and innovative solutions.